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24 hour walk raises funds for new KLABU clubhouse

Adriaan Kolff, Max Bierkens, Charles de Beaufort and Pieter Nyst walked 24 hours non-stop (!) to raise funds for a KLABU and Movement on the Ground sports project in the new refugee camp in Lesbos, Greece.

The event was baptized 24Lesbos, its initial goal was to raise €10,000, which clearly was way too modest: even days later people continued to donate to the cause, leading to a whopping total of €30,395.01!

We talked to Adriaan and Max to shed more light on the event and their future plans.



What inspired you to organise this fundraising event?

After seeing the images of camp Moria over the summer I knew I had to do 'something'. The absolute desperation and the helplessness I witnessed were something that stayed with me. 

 What was it like to walk 24 hours non-stop?

It went a lot better than expected. While preparing for the 24 hour walk, we watched a few YouTube videos of people who walked for 24 hours. They were absolutely hammered by the end, so we expected the same. However, our 24 hour walk went surprisingly well. Of course, our feet were heavy and sore, but the support of everybody who donated and participated in the walk made the walk easy.

What were the high points and most challenging moments of the work?

There were various high points throughout the 24 hours. The start with the realization that we were going to walk for 24 hours, the evening on the treadmills, with a silent disco, being able to go outside after curfew, watching the Vondelpark come to life after a long night, and of course seeing all the people support us throughout the day. We also had some challenging moments. Halfway through the night, two of us got nauseous. Furthermore, between 5 and 8 AM we were pretty tired and lacked energy. This was all gone once the sun came up.



How important would you say future events like these are towards supporting refugees?

Events like these are crucial in supporting refugees. Not only is it a great way to raise money for a good cause, it also creates awareness about the refugee crisis. Events like these help inspire others to do good and support the refugees.

Do you have plans to make this a recurring events?

Definitely. We’re currently evaluating last weekend’s edition and dreaming about the next event. We saw the potential despite COVID, now we want to see what we can do without COVID, once the time comes.

How can interested people join 24Lesbos for future events?

Follow us on social media! Due to COVID, it's hard to plan anything. For the summer we want to organize a 24 hour spinning context with over a 100 bikes that can be manned by teams. Once we do have concrete plans, we’ll be sure to post it on social media.

Would you focus on Lesbos or would you like to expand the impact to other places?

For now, we think we’ll focus on Lesbos, but we’ll see how 24Lesbos will develop.

Anything else you wish to add?  

We are super grateful for the amazing work KLABU and MOTG have done. Because both of the organisations were so supported and basically gave us their green light right from the start we have been able to push forward so quickly and create such an amazing event in such a short period of time.

If you also want to organise a fundraiser for the KLABU Foundation, we’d love to hear from you, please get in touch.