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Improving connectivity between refugee camps and the world

Through the access to Wi-Fi and PlayStation consoles amongst others, KLABU members in Kalobeyei now have access to an exciting range of new connectivity options. These will form the base for connectivity in new KLABU clubhouse locations.

“Wi-Fi brings me closer to my family and friends and also helps me do research on management skills for my online education.”

Connection is one of the most important aspects of the human experience, for refugees who need to reestablish contact with loved ones aborad, it’s probably the most vital one.

At Kalobeyei, the primary means of connection is via physical interaction between residents. As of December 2020, KLABU introduced new features to expand the connectivity scope between Kalobeyei and the rest of the world.

The Safaricom Wi-Fi connection in the clubhouse now ensures club members can communicate with their loved ones in their home countries as well as opening the door for all the opportunities and privileges of the internet. “Wi-Fi brings me closer to my family and friends and also helps me do research on management skills for my online education.” - these are the words of Sadumba, one of the KLABU leaders in Kalobeyei.

Wi-Fi also brings extra spirit to Kalobeyei life. Every weekend and some weekday nights, there’s a buzz in the clubhouse as people compete against each other at video games on the new PlayStation  console that was sponsored by KLABU partner Avery Dennison. “I am the FIFA champion here! Now with the Wi-Fi I can connect with other FIFA players around the world and test myself against them”, Micka, originally from Congo, now resident in Kalobeyei, proudly said this to the KLABU Amsterdam team during a videocall.

When Micka isn’t winning at FIFA, he’s cheering loudly for his favorite football side Barcelona. Thanks to satellite tv installation, club members can watch global sports events and connect with the shared passion and joy of sport. Uninterrupted access to these new features is possible via the installation of solar panels at the clubhouse.

With access to new forms of connectivity now granted at KLABU in Kalobeyei, we will continue to identify and introduce additional features that will make away feel more like home, at Kalobeyei and at future clubhouse locations.