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KLABU enters the streets

The streets and KLABU have one thing in common: the true spirit of sports is celebrated here. No lights, no cameras, no fame. Just people coming together to play for the love of it. 

What better way to champion this KLABU spirit than to partner with EA and Volta, the street football mode in FIFA 21, and to show the world the power of play through the new KLABU collection, available soon to pre-order on this KLABU website. 

Where KLABU embodies the values of playfulness, raw skill, fierce passion and universality, Edward van Gils and Jack Downer personify them. These two generations of street football legends have partnered with us to kick off this collaboration between KLABU and EA.

Edward, also known as the godfather of street football and Jack, the Panna World Champion, put up a delightful showcase of trickery and skill while spending an exciting day shooting a collaborative video for the launch.

Jack will also be continuing his work with us through skill tutorials for the Kalobeyei community, so we can bring some of his magic to the games in the camps. Both Edward and Jack have given us the opportunity to share our story with an audience that embodies the KLABU spirit.

The impact of collaborations like this are best felt within the refugee community in Kalobeyei. With the pandemic confining KLABU members to indoor activities, access to esports is of crucial importance now. Esports opens up Kalobeyei to the rest of the world by connecting refugees and host community members to the global FIFA community.

Partnerships like this fuel our drive on our journey to building the biggest club in the world and we are hard at work on some exciting new things so we can continue to unlock the power of sports for young people in refugee camps and beyond.

Interested in teaming up with us? Get in touch! And if you're looking to add some KLABU spirit to your PlayStation 4 controller, check out our new accessories, available now.