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'KLABU Presents...' with Prof. Alexander Betts

Thank you for joining us at our very first monthly 'KLABU Presents…' event on 19 September 2019, hosted by celebrated TED speaker and expert on refugee issues - professor Alexander Betts from Oxford University.

Prof. Alexander Betts presented his research and experiences of the value of economic inclusion, sports and community for both refugees and locals, taking the Kalobeyei Integrated Settlement as a starting point.

Alexander Betts is Professor of Forced Migration and International Affairs and director of the Refugee Studies Centre, at the University of Oxford. His research focuses on the politics and economics of refugees. He has written many books, and his TED talk “Our refugee system is failing; here’s how we can fix it” has been viewed over 3 million times, check it out here.

When he’s not working, Alexander is a keen runner, completing the London marathon in 2:42.05!

This is the forerunner of a series of talks KLABU will host with inspiring speakers on the third Thursday of every month. The theme for each session will connect with our work: powering access to sports, uniting communities and bringing positive energy in refugee camps and beyond.

If you are passionate about and/or work within the humanitarian aid, academia, sports, fashion and design sectors, we invite you to our store in Amsterdam to speak about your work, experiences and meet our community. See you soon!