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Meet the club members: Nancy (20) from South Sudan

Meet the club members from KLABU in the Kalobeyei Refugee Settlement, Kenya: Nancy (20) from South Sudan.

“I would love to be a stewardess, to travel the world and take care of people during their travels. When my brother and sisters are a little older, that’s my plan.”

Walking through Kalobeyei with Nancy is a non-stop meet and greet. She knows everyone, and everyone knows her.

Nancy's days are busy. "I like to organise things and help people in my community as much as I can." Besides looking after her three younger siblings as their sole caregiver and her job at an international NGO, she coaches two female football teams: the junior team, Rock City FC and Queens FC, the best female team in the Kalobeyei Diva’s League.

Nancy's teams lend balls and clothing from the KLABU clubhouse for training and competition days. They also love to compete in KLABU tournaments.

When Nancy's not on the football field, she's at Youth Voices Kakuma, a local media education group run by young refugees. With their help, she is learning to produce photography and video campaigns. And as a lover of modelling and fashion, she coaches aspiring models in the settlement, helping them with their walk, poses and photography.