Getting started

The founding board members of Klabu Foundation experienced firsthand the power of sports and community-led initiatives to help young refugees rebuild their lives. They share a drive to create sustainable positive change.

Founder Jan van Hövell worked in Ghana for UNHCR and with refugees in Kenya and the Netherlands. He also worked as a lawyer until 2016 when he gave up his job to set up KLABU.
Charlotte Jongejan has led nature restoration projects in refugee camps in Cameroon and Malawi and worked with young climate ambassadors in Zambia.
Machiel Salomons completed a distinguished career at UNHCR, working with refugees on all continents. His most recent assignment was in Malawi.

Our team of advisors and supporters has been indispensable in setting up KLABU. From commercial, strategic, legal and financial support to build a strong business model, to the very best creatives helping to build our campaign and brand. Most donated their time and expertise freely, because they believe in what we are doing.

Want to join our team?