Inside the Kalobeyei Girls' football tournament
KLABU Kalobeyei Spirit

It's not only at the Africa Cup of Nations that stars are shining on the pitch right now. In Kalobeyei, Kenya, a big KLABU tournament is bringing together girls from all over the camp.

  • KLABU Kalobeyei Spirit
  • KLABU Kalobeyei Spirit
  • KLABU Kalobeyei Spirit
  • KLABU Kalobeyei Spirit
Almost all the nationalities in the camp are represented with girls from South Sudan, Ethiopia, Burundi, DR Congo, Uganda, Sudan, Somalia, Rwanda, Eritrea and the Kenyan host community. Most importantly, the tournament promotes gender equality and inclusivity in sports with one parent saying:
  • "It's fantastic to see girls' football gaining momentum. This is a great opportunity for our sisters to showcase their talent and passion for the sport!"
  • "The girls' inter-villages tournament is a wonderful initiative that promotes inclusivity and empowerment. It's inspiring to see our girls getting the platform they deserve to shine in sports."
  • "I'm so proud of KLABU for supporting our girls in pursuing their love for football. These qualifications and the upcoming tournament are a testament to our commitment to gender equality and sports development."
  • "The girls' football tournament is not just about the sport; it's about building confidence, leadership, and teamwork. This tournament will be a celebration of hard work and dedication."
  • "I can't wait to cheer for our girls' teams in the upcoming tournament! It's amazing to see our community coming together to encourage and uplift our young female athletes."
Kalobeyei Spirit


"We include girls in any activity that we do at the clubhouse here because we don't want to leave our sisters behind."


Head Manager KLABU Kalobeyei Spirit, interviewed by local radio station REF FM


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