The power of music and television in Ter Apel
Friends hugging Ter Apel

In Ter Apel, young people come together at the KLABU clubhouse to watch live sports or listen to their favourite music. Discover how this illuminates the days.

Fleur dancing with Mohammed in Ter Apel
Mohammed and Fleur dancing during the inauguration of the KLABU clubhouse

It's always a struggle to get control of the aux to play your favourite songs...

At KLABU Ter Apel, a big debate everyday is what songs to play. With members from Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Eritrea, Egypt and many more countries, there is a wide variety of tunes that can be heard at all times.
From the banger "Galbi" to the latest track by Burna Boy, the Philips speaker is always playing something fresh. It's often a source of heated debates but also an amazing opportunity to discover music, cultures and languages from other places.

"When I listen to music, I always feel comfortable, serene. I would love to be an artist"


KLABU Ter Apel member


Blurred faces of minors dancing


"Good music was playing in the background. I had to keep changing from Afrobeat to Arabic to Hip Hop so as to accommodate everyone. The atmosphere was terrific!"


KLABU Ter Apel Football coach

It's not just the music that connects the KLABU members at the clubhouse.

Especially during the cold winter months in the Netherlands, an afternoon with a warm cup of tea, some biscuits and some live football on the television indoors is also very welcome.
For some, it's their first time hearing about PEC Zwolle, PSV, Feyenoord or Ajax, but they immediately choose their favourite players, kits and teams, coming together in front of ESPN to cheer on their new teams.
Through weekly screenings, this is a way for many to learn more about the Netherlands, its cities or its language.
ESPN screening in Ter Apel
Huge match at KLABU Ter Apel: Ajax 2-3 Feyenoord. An 86th minute winner by Geertruida lifted everyone out of their seats and definitely created a few Feyenoord fans!

Huge thanks...

To our partner TPV Cares for supplying all our KLABU clubhouses with Philips televisions and Philips music systems that ensure they are vibrant community places, where the power of live sports and sound help support mental wellbeing, social cohesion and integration. Huge thanks also to our Ter Apel supporter ESPN for broadcasting Eredivisie every week.

"We are very proud to help make a difference in the lives of refugees through our partnership with KLABU"

Stefan van Sabben



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