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KLABU Ter Apel Spirit

Yaman is a star of KLABU. Ever since she was a teenager in Syria, her life goal was to help people and that’s exactly why she became a pharmacist.

KLABU Ter Apel Spirit
Despite nobody in her family being a doctor, Yaman's dream is to be able to work to help people in need.
KLABU Kamp Seedorf World Refugee Day 2023
Yaman honoured by Dutch street artists Kamp Seedorf on World Refugee Day 2023, read more
Now in the Netherlands, Yaman is determined to continue her career as soon as possible. In the meantime, she found KLABU in Ter Apel where she ran our clubhouse for unaccompanied minors and could continue helping others - her biggest motivation in life!
Yaman told us that she “got a lot of energy and joy from helping the minors do something different and escape the boredom of everyday life”.
“We were trying over and over to encourage the girls and at the end, they came out to play with boys and everything was ok”. Convincing girls who were initially shy to join in the fun and play sports was Yaman’s biggest accomplishment at KLABU Ter Apel!
KLABU Ter Apel Spirit
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