KLABU x Blood In Blood Out
KLABU Amsterdam Store

To celebrate the opening of the new KLABU Amsterdam clubhouse & store, designer Blood In Blood Out created a unique art project and collection worn by Amsterdammers like Bintu, Majdy and Rie.

KLABU Amsterdam Store & Clubhouse
Bintu and Fernanda who regularly join the Amsterdam Spirit workouts
KLABU Amsterdam Store & Clubhouse
Rie from the KLABU team with community member Majdy

"At KLABU, I am part of one big family of people from different countries and different cultures who speak different languages. Everyone is always smiling and everyone feels comfortable - and so do I!"


Student and Amsterdam Spirit community member

  • KLABU Amsterdam Store
    Freestyle football stars Sixtine and Bas
  • KLABU Amsterdam Store & Clubhouse
    David from the Amsterdam community
  • KLABU Amsterdam Store & Clubhouse
    Bintu and Fernanda
  • KLABU Amsterdam Store & Clubhouse

When you're around in Amsterdam, visit KLABU at Haarlemmerdijk 106 - we love to see you.

KLABU Amsterdam Store & Clubhouse
"I often see people wearing a KLABU shirt when I am wearing mine. Literally every time this happens, there is a moment of recognition between us. A small chat, a smile - whatever it is, it is positive. We know what we wear and why we are wearing it."

Nick Snelleman

KLABU's best friend


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