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1 July 2023 marked the 150th annual celebration of Keti Koti. To celebrate this milestone we have formed a partnership with Amsterdam fashion brand Filling Pieces. Together, we have embarked on a journey to build a Clubhouse in Suriname where local culture and education can flourish.

Meaning ‘broken chains’ in Sranantongo, Keti Koti commemorates the 1863 abolition of slavery in Suriname and the Dutch Antilles, celebrating the people who fought for abolition, and the rich cultures that have persevered and flourished.
The united vision of KLABU’s Unbeatable Spirit and Filling Pieces' Unity for Suriname sparked a partnership driven by United Spirit, aiming to tackle issues of the past which persist in communities today.
KLABU supporter
Filling Pieces and KLABU community
United Spirit
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United by Spirit, Filling Pieces and KLABU are now embarking on an ambitious journey to build a Clubhouse in Suriname for refugees and locals, where culture and education can flourish.

Keti Koti 2023
To mark the beginning of the partnership, a limited amount of KLABU x Filling Pieces shirts were made available on 1 July 2023 - sold out within hours.
We also organised a panel talk in the KLABU store about Keti Koti and migration today, with Guillaume Philibert (founder of Filling Pieces), Glen Faria (artist), Mayowa Quadri (Head Brand Versus), Alex Webb (program director KLABU), Mohammed Bah (KLABU member & founder of the City Rights app), Esmeralda Tan (editor Vogue NL) and host Angelo Bromet (co-founder of Amaru). Listen to the talk here.


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