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KLABU Kalobeyei Spirit
Nancy in the Kalobeyei Settlement in Kenya
Leave a Will?
We are on a mission to support refugees who are rebuilding their lives. By remembering us in your Will, your legacy will offer the power and joy of sports for some of our world’s most vulnerable people.

We understand that including a gift to KLABU in your Will is made after careful consideration. If this is something you would like to talk about, don’t hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to help.
Writing or updating your Will
We always recommend seeking the advice of a legal professional if you're thinking of writing or amending your Will and Testament.

If you would like to include a gift for KLABU in your Will, please find below our full name and address:

Stichting KLABU Foundation
Registered at:
Van Nijenrodeweg 635
1082 HZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

If you already have a Will and you want to amend it to include KLABU, please consult a legal professional. In some jurisdictions, it is as easy as writing and attaching a ‘codicil’ – a legally recognized addition or amendment, to your Will.
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