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If there is anyone that holds an unshakable belief in the power of dance to unite people, it is Katie Süter. To see her dance is to see someone who truly loves what she does. And her moves aren't just cool; they're steps towards bringing people together.

At KLABU, Katie creates a dance family of refugees, locals and anybody else who wants to join her classes. On warm summer days, the group gathers under the open skies of Westerpark. Here, there is no need for words – bodies talk louder. It's a dance story that bridges past and present, making strangers into friends.
Dance workout Katie
Dance and music go hand in hand. The music Katie brings to her classes travels a long way – all the way from Jamaica. When Katie visited Jamaica, she finally understood the essence of letting go and just having fun. When asked about the magic of dancehall, her eyes light up while she explains: "Dancehall is a dance of expression. It's about daring to reveal a part of yourself. In Jamaica, people's connection with their bodies runs deep: when they dance, they pour out their anger, happiness and sadness".
Through her initiative, Moving Matters, Katie spreads the dance fever. Schools and communities join her journey as she gets everyone on their feet, out of their minds. She speaks about her work with a passion that is uniquely hers: "It's amazing to see people get in touch with themselves and others. It confirms to me what a powerful tool dancing is, and how strongly it is connected to mental health". And the unbeatable spirit? It's all about resilience. "No matter how down you are, no matter what struggles you face, you just need to keep moving forward".
KLABU Katie Süter
"No matter how down you are, no matter what struggles you face, you just need to keep moving forward."

Ready to join one of KLABU's social workouts in Amsterdam? Every week, we've got a new sport on the menu from Katie's dance-offs to dodgeball and basketball. No need to sign up, just drop by when you’re around. See you soon!

-- Story by KLABU community members Edith Sharloo (copy) and Getahun Zagai (video)
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