KLABU PSG Paris Saint-Germain Defined by Spirit

KLABU and football club Paris Saint-Germain have come together to support refugees through the power of sport and community. 

The first project will kick-off in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, hosting nearly 1 million Rohingya refugees, including half a million children. We will build a Club Centre and Mobile Clubhouse in partnership with Friendship, the distinguished Bangladeshi NGO that reaches many Rohingyas and Bangladeshi through healthcare and education. The other partner involved is Solarkiosk, who have co-designed the Club Centre and who lead its implementation, with Friendship. The project is fully supported by UNHCR the UN Refugee Agency.
KLABU PSG Cox's Bazar Spirit

"Access to sport should be a basic right for any child around the world, regardless of their background or circumstances."

Nasser Al-Khelaifi

Paris Saint-Germain Chairman and CEO

The partnership was launched through an awareness campaign with international media and Paris Saint-Germain athletes, including the former Afghan refugee and role model, Nadia Nadim.
You too can support the cause: KLABU and PSG have created a limited edition of 80 customised away jerseys, sold exclusively through KLABU and PSG channels, including a promotional takeover of the front of PSG's Champs-Élysées Paris store. 
The shirt number 80 on the away jersey symbolises the eighty million people worldwide who are forced to rebuild their lives away from home. The "Defined By Spirit" slogan honours and supports every person facing unimaginable hardship with an unbeatable spirit. 
[Update: the shirts are sold out and the number of people who are forcibly displaced has sadly grown to over 110 million.]
KLABU PSG Paris Saint-Germain Defined by Spirit
KLABU PSG Paris Saint-Germain Defined by Spirit
KLABU PSG Paris Saint-Germain Defined by Spirit

Discover how the first project lights up the lives of thousands of children in and around the world's largest refugee camp in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

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