Boa Vista

Boa Vista Spirit
Discover the first KLABU clubhouse in South America - unlocking the power and joy of sport for indigenous Venezuelan refugees who are rebuilding their lives in Boa Vista, Brazil.
The clubhouse is located near the border with Venezuela.
Portrait of Divennys in front of Boa Vista KLABU clubhouse
Boa Vista clubhouse manager Divennys.

The Waraotuma a Tuaranoko shelter in the North of Brazil is a temporary home for indigenous Venezuelans, who have to flee their country. 

With close to 1,500 Venezuelans from indigenous groups like the Warao, Pemon, Kariña, E’ñepa, or Wayúu Waraotuma a Tuaranoko is the largest shelter for indigenous refugees and migrants in Latin America. It was established in the beginning of 2022 as a response to the increased influx of refugees due to the ongoing socioeconomic crisis in Venezuela, where people are forced to flee crime, violence, and inflation.
In Waraotuma a Tuaranoko the KLABU clubhouse serves as a focal point for unity, empowerment, and community engagement. Much like the vibrant communities in the shelter, the space is dedicated to fostering connections, promoting self-reliance, and celebrating the transformative power of sports. 
This clubhouse is the first version of a model that was designed by the world-renowned architect firm MVRDV based on a shipping container. It offers a safe space to borrow sports equipment, watch live broadcast events, listen to music and relax. 
Boa Vista Spirit
A game of table tennis in the warm evening sun in the Waraotuma a Tuaranoko shelter.
Boa Vista Spirit
Formerly a sports teacher in Venezuela, Gustavo coaches the girls of the "Active Lives" running club in the shelter.

The clubhouse is run by members of the community that are mentored to self-sufficiently manage the library, organise inclusive events and take ownership of the project.

It launched on 12 March 2024 - a day many had been waiting for: music playing through speakers, Venezuelan musicians performing, ice cream being served and most importantly, the big orange container with its doors and hatch wide open, filled with sports equipment for Waraotuma a Tuaranoko’s sports-crazy inhabitants to play with.
KLABU clubhouse Brazil Boa Vista Acnur AVSI

The project aims to support mental health, boost self-reliance and enable smoother integration and inclusion for Venezuelans in their new home, Brazil.

Like other KLABU projects, the Boa Vista Spirit aims to achieve our three key Impact Goals: Improving the mental and physical wellbeing of refugees, promoting self-reliance, and stimulating integration and inclusion.
We use sport to support the mental health of the indigenous people, who often remain in shelters like Waraotuma a Tuaranoko for longer periods than non-indigenous refugees due to their difficulties to integrate.
Furthermore, they find themselves extremely marginalised socially and economically, which leads to strong frustrations in the community and among local Brazilians. Therefore, with the keys to their clubhouse, their autonomy and sense of ownership will be strengthened.
Lastly, through sport we can connect newly arrived Venezuelans with local Brazilians, thereby contributing to peaceful coexistence. Also, the skills learned at the KLABU, and its facilities, can bolster integration and help the residents find opportunities outside of their shelter.
  • Boa Vista Spirit
    Just like Brazilians, almost everyone in the shelter is football-crazy.
  • First yoga session in front of Boa Vista clubhouse after arrival of container
    A first stretching session, organised by project coordinator Thiago.
  • inauguration Boa Vista spirit
    Children at the festive inauguration of the clubhouse.
  • Boa Vista Spirit
    Running is especially popular amongst the young girls in the shelter.
  • Slider Website
    Our KLABU Manager Divennys manages the sports library of the clubhouse.
  • drawining Boa Vista Spirit
    The children of the shelter at a creative workshop to create their own Boa Vista Spirit badge and shirt design.
  • Orange team preparing for match in Boa Vista
    Orange has quickly become the fovourite colour of the community.
  • team boa vista spirit
    Members from UNHCR, AVSI and KLABU during the set up of the clubhouse.

"Sports knows no age. I am speaking from experience. When we unite on the pitch everyone is the same age."

Señor Hermes

Tuaranoko Live Sports Commentator


At the Boa Vista clubhouse, everyone is welcome to come and join our weekly workouts and social activities.


14 June ’24

16:00 - 17:00

Friday Football

Everyone welcome.


17 June ’24

16:00 to 17:00

Community Volleyball

All ages and identities welcome.


19 June ’24

15:00 - 16:00

Active Lives – Running Club

Organised by Gustavo.


20 June ’24

16:00 – 17:00


Become the fittest person in Boa Vista!

Why is this KLABU unique?

Not only is this our first KLABU in South America and the first to be focused on indigenous tribes, it will also be the first time we pilot our new clubhouse design.
Designed by the world-leading architecture firm MVRDV, this clubhouse has been created and assembled in the Netherlands, packed with all equipment needed for the project and shipped to Brazil thanks to our partner Flexport.org.
Following this test case, we wish to scale this model to many more locations where our clubhouses are needed.


By wearing KLABU, you join our club and support sports projects in refugee camps.

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