In a place where stress and uncertainty are present every day, exercise brings relief and builds confidence. “Sport really helps all of us here keep a positive spirit.” Welcome to the KLABU clubhouse in Lesvos, Greece.
Lesvos is a Greek island off the coast of Turkey
KLABU Lesvos
Volleyball is one of the most popular sports among the community

Three years after the Moria refugee camp in Lesvos was ravaged by fire, people are still arriving on the island every week seeking asylum. Many are dealing with trauma and transition, uncertainty and fear.

During the summer of 2022, KLABU landed in Lesvos to work on a grassroots basis with the local community. There was a need for sports activities to escape from the complexities of asylum procedures, build new friendships, and keep a positive spirit.
After an initial period inside the Mavrovouni Transit Camp, the clubhouse is now active just outside of it, at the Yoga & Sports With Refugees gym in Kara Tepe, where it compliments the gym's activities through access to sports equipment and clothing, music and television. The gym and clubhouse form a safe space that people can look forward to and escape to.

Today, the clubhouse and Yoga & Sports With Refugees' gym form a vibrant social hub where everyone is welcome to participate in sports and connect over a warm cup of chai.

Through daily programmes, our project partner Yoga & Sports With Refugees (YSR) offers newly arrived asylum seekers a wide range of sports such as climbing, boxing, swimming and dancing. The KLABU clubhouse is run by newcomer Awad, and many sports activities are organised by the refugees themselves.
This gives newly arrived asylum seekers the opportunity to learn new skills and gain confidence not only for their time on Lesvos - but well into their futures.
"When Nelly arrived in Lesvos from Africa, she was terrified of open water. She started joining our women’s swimming classes and we saw her become more confident in the water. It was a slow start but she continued to come back and then even started bringing her friends and teaching them. Since leaving the camp, Nelly has moved to the French coast and it’s so great to hear that she’s still swimming regularly."

Estelle Jean

Yoga & Sports With Refugees Founder


Join the weekly workouts and social activities. Whether you want to participate in running, bodybuilding, women's fitness, football, kickboxing or dancing: everyone is welcome to train with Yoga & Sports With Refugees and us.


22 May ’24


Boxing Class

Join a boxing class. Don’t worry: there are separate classes for first-timers and pros.


23 May ’24


Volleyball Training

Mixed training for boys and girls to strengthen team spirit.


24 May ’24


Football Training

Improve your skills and share the fun during the football training on Mondays and Fridays.


25 May ’24


Climbing Class

No better way to elevate spirits than at the climbing hall. Meet-up at the clubhouse.


27 May ’24


Football Training

Improve your skills and share the fun during the football training on Mondays and Fridays.


28 May ’24


Running Class

Join us to the Lesviot hills as the setting sun turns the sky pastel pink.

  • lesvos
    Climbing class by Yoga & Sports With Refugees
  • lesvos
    Running up the hill
  • lesvos
    Warming up at the clubhouse and gym
  • Teamwear Multisport Shirt Pink
    Mohamed Reza and Javad, two avid runners in Lesvos
  • KLABU Yoga & Sport With Refugees
    Outdoor climbing classes
  • lesvos
    The KLABU Clubhouse next to Yoga & Sports With Refugees' gym
  • Multisport shirt blue
    Team Blue waiting for their turn on the football pitch
  • Lesvos
    ‘Somalia Mytilini" football team in Lesvos


The badge symbolises hope and
Lesvos peace
peace, the shirt colours reflect strength and resilience, and the pattern adds wings to fly
Lesvos fly
beyond the boundaries of Lesvos.
KLABU Lesvos Spirit
"Girl, I feel really good! I feel good now after some exercise."

Francess and Sara

Friends from Sierra Leone who tried out football for the first time at the KLABU clubhouse in Lesvos

Impact so far

  • Since the start of Lesvos Spirit, the project has offered more than 3,500 newly arrived asylum seekers the opportunity to learn new skills and gain confidence not only for their time on Lesvos - but well into their futures.
  • Everyday, close to 100 people come to the clubhouse to borrow sports equipment, start a game of volleyball or hit the climbing gym.
  • At the Lesvos Spirit, many newcomers can discover new sports like swimming, rock climbing or Muay Thai. It is one of the KLABUs with the most diverse activity schedule: there's always something new to look out for!
  • All newcomers at the clubhouse are trained in safeguarding workshops to subsequently volunteer in our project.
  • Our local project partner is Yoga & Sports With Refugees. Together with the local community, they manage the clubhouse and provide the activities.
  • By being open to the public, the Yoga & Sports With Refugees gym and the clubhouse enable local Greeks to take part in the activities. This connects people who are usually separated and helps build better understanding between them.
Discover more about the Lesvos Spirit, its members and impact through the stories below.


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Lesvos Spirit Shirt 3D

Co-designed with the local community, the Lesvos shirt embodies the unbeatable spirit of KLABU.


By wearing KLABU sportswear, you support refugees in Lesvos and around the world.

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