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KLABU Kalobeyei Spirit
Karibu sana to the very first KLABU sports clubhouse, located in the Kalobeyei Settlement in Kenya. South Sudanese, Congolese or Kenyan, refugees or locals, everybody is welcome here. 
The Kalobeyei Settlement is located in northern Kenya, not far from South Sudan and Uganda.
Meet the players and feel the spirit. Welcome to KLABU!

At the KLABU in Kalobeyei young people come together every day to meet and play - from football to volleyball, and from table tennis to yoga.

The settlement is home to 50,000 refugees from more than 10 African countries who live together with the local Turkana tribe. They are creating a new life in a new land, not just surviving. They are building houses, starting businesses and going to church and school. And, of course, doing more of what they love and dream about - whether that is studying, running small businesses or coaching a football team.
The Kalobeyei community loves to play sports. But sports initiatives were nearly non-existent before the introduction of KLABU, and there was a lack of equipment and facilities. In close collaboration with the local community and UNHCR, LWF and Roof For Humanity, we developed the clubhouse and sports library system. The name KLABU, which didn't exist when we began, was soon adopted by the local community, as people started to call the clubhouse their 'klabu', meaning 'club' in Swahili.
Kalobeyei Clubhouse

The KLABU is about much more than sports. It's also a social hub, fully led by the local community and open to everyone. Other organisations even use the clubhouse for their activities.

The Kenya Red Cross hosts social events at the KLABU, the Dutch football federation KNVB organises coaching sessions, a refugee-led collective offers English classes, and a local music producer hosts weekly music competitions.
Solar power, TV, sound and Wi-Fi enable these organisations and the community to broadcast football matches, play music, organise events, and connect online with loved ones in home countries. This makes the clubhouse a space where refugees and locals from all ages and backgrounds come together on their way to a better future.

"The most amazing thing about KLABU is that it’s open to everyone, especially for the youths who can do something that they love. The community has so much hope in the KLABU that it will change lives."

Lillian, originally from Ethiopia

Activist, fashion model


  • Kalobeyei Spirit
    The Girls Running Club led by KLABU Manager Nyagoa
  • KLABU Kalobeyei
    Basketball tournament organised by the Kenyan Red Cross in collaboration with KLABU
  • KLABU Kalobeyei Spirit
    Sadumba, Nyagoa, Paul and Jean Marie: the clubhouse managers and leaders
  • KLABU Kalobeyei
    Yoga classes are taught by Rita Brown, originally from Uganda, who lives in Kalobeyei
  • Player lifting trophy
  • KLABU Kalobeyei Spirit
    Games for everyone
  • KLABU Kalobeyei Spirit
    The KLABU provides a safe space for children outside of school hours
  • KLABU Kalobeyei Spirit
    Board games like Ludo and chess are super popular
  • KLABU Kalobeyei Spirit
    The 'Kalobattle' happens every week at the KLABU: a music battle among Kalobeyei talent organised by a local collective
  • KLABU Kalobeyei Spirit
    Table tennis is extremely popular at the KLABU
  • Kalobeyei Spirit
    Volleyball for all: where boys and girls come together on the pitch
  • Ultimate Frisbee Jean Marie
    Kalobeyei's very first ultimate frisbee team coached by KLABU Manager Jean Marie
  • KLABU Kalobeyei Spirit
    Head Manager Sadumba lending equipment from the sports library
  • KNVB Worldcoaches April 2023
    KNVB WorldCoaches Program with former Kenyan national coach Francis Kimanzi and Martha Karimi.
  • Vibrant Kalobeyei Clubhouse
    The Kalobeyei Clubhouse has developed into a vibrant social hub
  • KLABU Kalobeyei
    Frisbee, recently introduced in Kalobeyei, has become one of the popular sports
  • KLABU Basketball
    KLABU bringing the spirit to a local basketball tournament organised by the Kenya Red Cross


KLABU clubhouse leaders Sadumba, Nyagoa, Paul and Jean Marie manage a lively schedule with activities for everyone. Whether you like to throw a frisbee, want to cheer for your favourite club at the live sports broadcasts, do some healthy stretches at the weekly yoga sessions, or join Kalobeyei's first girls running club – everyone is welcome to share in the fun.


04 March ’24

17:00 - 18:00

Girls Football Practice

A weekly football class organised by our Head Manager Sadumba.


04 March ’24

15:00 - 17:00

Social Games Afternoon

Join the table tennis tournament or come by for a game of Ludo.


05 March ’24

16:00 - 17:00

Weekly Frisbee Session

Throw a frisbee with KLABU Manager Jean Marie.


07 March ’24

16:00 - 18:00

Girls Running Club

Join Nyagoa at Kalobeyei's first Girls Running Club.


08 March ’24

15:00 - 17:00

Kalobattle Music Competition

Dance and sing into the weekend at one of the most vibrant music competitions in Kalobeyei.

Nyagoa Girls Mobiliser Kalobeyei


"When I play football, I feel happy and excited. I love the teamwork – At KLABU many players from different nationalities, backgrounds, or tribes come together and unite as one team."

Nyagoa, originally from South Sudan

Kalobeyei Girls Mobiliser



The badge symbolises the three villages
in the settlement, united through camels
which are the pride of the local Kenyan Turkana and a staple of life in the region. The camels’ embrace shows friendship & unity. 
  • KLABU sportswear
    Kedong FC is one of the best girls football teams in Kalobeyei, competing in the Divas League and going to the top spot
  • KLABU EA Sports FIFA 21
    The Kalobeyei Spirit shirt was featured in FIFA21 to build more bridges between Kalobeyei and the rest of the world
  • Kalobeyei Spirit
    The Kalobeyei community loves to play FIFA on the game console at the clubhouse

Impact so far

4 years on from its birth, the Kalobeyei Spirit still shines bright!
  • Over 11,000 (20% of the entire population) inhabitants of Kalobeyei Refugee Settlement and the surrounding host community have become members of the KLABU.
  • The clubhouse is run by a team of 7 residents of the camp, themselves refugees from South Sudan, Ethiopia, Burundi, Congo and Rwanda. They are the KLABU managers: Sadumba, Jean Marie, Paul, Nyagoa, Alain, Tom and Riziki.
  • In addition to managing the clubhouse for their local community, the managers have mentored and advised KLABU managers in other countries including in our Ter Apel clubhouse!
  • The local team has transformed the clubhouse from just a sports library to a social hub with Wi-Fi to learn and stay connected, television to follow their favourite sports and music to have a dance and sing aloud.
  • The KLABU managers have also made the clubhouse a base for other organisations: the Kenya Red Cross, the KNVB and community-based organisations all use the clubhouse for their activities, thereby widening the impact to health, education and culture!
  • The clubhouse is a place to build bridges between the refugees of Kalobeyei and the Kenyan host community, whether on the music stage or the football pitch. Recently, rapper Seven Colours, from the local Turkana community, has become a regular at the KLABU music battles.
  • Through the KLABU brand, the Kalobeyei Spirit has crossed borders. With a shirt worn by many around the world and even featured in FIFA 21, the KLABU members are recognised and honoured and part of a worldwide club.
  • UNHCR is involved as a project endorser and LWF is involved as a project supporter and mentor to the clubhouse managers.
Discover more about the Kalobeyei Spirit, its members and impact through the stories below.


By wearing KLABU sportswear, you support refugees in Kalobeyei and around the world.

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